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Everything About Whatsapp APK to know

If you are running an Android phone then you need to install Whatsapp APK as soon as possible. The reason you need to get Whatsapp APK is to have the ability to send and receive unlimited text messages for free, yes that is not a typo FREE TEXT messaging.

Whatsapp APK will also provide you with a telephone number so your friends online and offline can call you any time of the day they want, again this is a service built in to Whatsapp APK

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Wow Whatsapp APK Sounds Really Awesome, So What’s The Catch ?

Something that makes Whatsapp APK unique is unlike the other messenger programs which only let a person talk to other individuals online with this application you have the ability to communicate with anyone via phone, instant message or video conference.

The first year of service with Whatsapp APK is free for the first year and then it costs a mind boggling $0.99 for year, so for 365 days you get all of these features for a mere $0.99 and there are no cumbersome advertisements that distract you and are very annoying.WhatsApp-apk

Are There Any Serious Drawbacks To Using Whatsapp APK ?

You should get an unlimited Internet broadband plan for your Android phone otherwise the data usage fees can really add up.

With Whatsapp APK it relies on the Internet to send and receive text messages, phone calls and all other forms of communication so you need to make sure you have the fastest Internet connection along with an unlimited plan.

Now you might be thinking that Whatsapp may not last long but if you look at the current number of people who are using the software which is over 300 million people and growing daily I think it would be fair to say that Whatsapp APK is here to stay.

What you need to do is download Whatsapp APK for your Android phone so click here and you can get the direct download.  With all of the money you are going to be saving from text messaging you can buy a brand new smartphone so get Whatsapp APK right now.