Download Android Apps on PC from Google Play Store

Download Android Apps to PC, yes it’s possible. You can download android apps directly to your computer and then transfer it to your Smartphone. It’s a general question from many mobile users that how you can easily use Android Application on Computer or PC.

Previously thing question was completely unsolved but now our experts have found out a great solution to this.

Today we are providing the step by step tutorial for downloading android application to computer from Google play. Just follow the instructions given in this post.

Many time while downloading the apps on your device due to slow Internet speed you lost the connection. But now you can solve this problem easily with the help of our new post which we are going to post here about installing Google Android’s Applications directly into your Computer system easily.

android apps for pc

How to Download Android Apps to PC

As Google Play needs your Google account and then identifies your device and insures that, the app is compatible with your device or not. But in computer Google Play can’t detect your device so you cannot download android apps on PC directly. You need software named real apk leecher.

Real APK Leecher

Install the exe file on your computer. Now you have to enter your Google account, Password and device ID.

Get your Android device id

It’s simple to get the android device id, just dial from your device *#*#8255#*#* after dialling it, a screen will open. This is known as Gtalk Service Monitor.

Just look at the lines containing JID and Device ID. Just not it as you will need them while using Real APK Leecher. Choose language and country. It’s time to specify the downloading location.

apps to pc

There’s nothing to do with SIM Operator Numeric Field. Save the settings and use it.

Open the Software and download Android apps on PC

Now it’s your turn just search your favourite apps on the search box and download the apk file of android apps on PC. Then transfer it to your mobile easily.

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