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Jetpack Joyride for PC Download Guide (Windows 7/8)

oday, we are going to post on one fantastic game. Now Download Jetpack Joyride for PC or Computer, an amazing thing from the creators of Fruit Ninja. It is the hottest mobile game. This application is developed by Halfbrick.

We have provided all the steps with the help of which you will be able to play this fantastic game on your Computer system without any further problem.

With the guide provided in this post you will be able to play this awesome game of Android onto your Computer without any further problem.

jetpack joyride for pc

How to Download Jetpack Joyride for PC :

This game is not officially available for PC but still you can easily enjoy this app onto your computer without any problem.

You need Bluestacks software for playing Jetpack joyride for PC. Bluestacks will make this app compatible for your Computer and allows yo to play this amazing game on computer. So download the software from the below given link.

Download Bluestacks

This is only one part and only downloading the above software will not help you to enjoy the game on to your Computer, we have given out the perfect guide for that, let’s have a look.

Play Jetpack Joyride on PC?

If you have downloaded Bluestacks software from the above link. Now you need apk file ofJetpack Joyride. You can download it from anywhere. We are providing you the link for downloading apk fle of Jetpack Joyride.

Now open the apk file with Bluestacks, and follow the instructions. This will install Jetpack Joyride forPC.

And yes all the playing functions are same as you play in your Smartphone but here you have to deal with Keyboard and Mouse, nothing much!

Jetpack Joyride for Android Download

As Jetpack Joyride is the most popular game for android. So if you are looking for Android version then simply install the apk file on your android device. You can also get the same from Google Play store.

Download Jetpack Joyride for Android

So I hope you have downloaded and now have already started playing the game on to your Computer. If you faced any problem then please do comment and we will help you out with that. Also mind sharing our articles with your friends and other folks via Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

I think that you really enjoyed this complete guide to download Jetpack Joyride for PC or Computer and if you facing any kind of issue then let us know about it.

Temple Run 2 for PC Download, Android (Official)

The most popular game for android operating system is now available for computer namely Temple Run for PC. You can play this amazing game on your Computer also. Temple Run for PC (Free Download) is not available officially, but you can play this game on your computer.

As said, this game is not officially released for computer but still we can legally use it on the Computer with the help of Android Emulator which we are going to discuss in this article for long.

So if you want to play it on your computer system and please follow all the steps which is given in the below post and it will help you out with that.

temple run 2 for pc

Features of Temple Run 2 for PC or Computer Version :

This is the same game which you people play in Android and we are just using one fantastic software namely Bluestack which basically is a Android Emulator which means you can easily use apk files into your Computer easily.

  • Easy to play on PC
  • No further extra technical work is needed to be done
  • Easy to follow functions
  • And many more features

Download Temple Run 2 for PC

For playing Temple Run on PC or Computer you have to download it. But you can’t install apk file in your PC. So you need to install software named Bluestacks first. So you need two things bluestack and File of the Game.  You can download Bluestacks from the link given below.

Download Bluestacks

For downloading the apk file consider downloading the same from the link given below.

Now follow the steps for playing Temple Run for PC. Install Bluestacks software. Then it will ask you to restart your computer for the first time.

Then open your .apk file of Temple Run with Bluestacks. Now you will get the installation screen. Follow the simple steps and enjoy the game on your computer.

temple run 2 android

Download Temple Run 2 for Android

You can download the game from Google Play store easily or you can download the .apk file from searching over the Internet. For downloading Temple Run for Android from Google Play click the link below.

Temple Run – Google Play Store link

I hope you already know how to play the game on your Android mobile and the same procedure goes when you play Temple Run for PC with the help of your keyboard and mouse hovering.

and if you faced any type of problem while playing this game then please do comment and let us know about it, I will help you out with things!

Subway Surfers for PC Download – Windows 7/8/8.1

Subway Surfers is the most popular game, the concept of this game is same as Temple Run. In this a boy runs from traffic police officer on the railway track. So you have to avoid crashing from the trains and other obstacles. You have to collect coins for enabling extra features.

Now, you can download Subway Surfers for PC free and can play the exact same game into your computer without any issue by following our fantastic guide.

You can view your friends score and your position in the score board, as it fetches scores online from your Facebook account.

Basically this is available for Android but you can also play it on PC.  For this you will have to Download Subway Surfers for PC.

subway surfers for pc

Once again I must say that the developer of this game haven’t released this as the official version but its available unofficially by using other external software known as Android Emulator.

Free Download Subway Surfers for PC

As we mentioned earlier you can’t Download Subway Surfers for PC directly. What you have to do is simply follow the steps. Download bluestack software from the link given below.

Note : This step is very much necessary to be done as this is the only software with the help of which you will be able to play this fantastic game onto your Computer easily without any extra problems.

You need bluestack software and apk file of the  game. You can download the apk file from here.

That’s all you have to do. Now you will be able to play this game in your Computer or PC.

How to Play Subway Surfers on PC or Computer?

  1. Now it’s time to install Subway Surfers for PC.
  2. So first install bluestack software then it will ask you to restart your computer once.
  3. After that open the apk file with Bluestack.
  4. Now play it on your PC.

Download Subway Surfers for Android

Now to play this awesome game on your Android Smartphone, you have to download Subway Surfers for Android. You can download it from Google Play also.

Features :

  • Easy to Play
  • Consumes less memory power
  • Works with low quality mobile phones as well as tablets
  • And Much more.

Now, I hope you must be enjoying playing Subway Surfers for PC game on your computer system as well as mobile. What’s your personal views about this game? Please do share it with us and our other readers, also please share this post with your friends.

UC Browser for PC Download on Windows 7/8/8.1 Free

UC Browser download for PC or computer free, yes you can easily download one of your best mobile UC Browser for PC also. But let me tell you that this version is not the official one and its not crated by any official authorities.

But we will provide you the steps for getting UC Browser for PC or Computer. It is the most popular app these days, so it’s really nice having such a great software for your PC. What you have to do is follow the simple steps given below and much not skip of of the step provided my us!

uc browser for pc

UC Browser for PC Free Download

Below I have given two method which will help you to Download UC Browser on Computer, the first method is good enough to use.

  1. First of all download Bluestacks from here
  2. Install it into your Computer
  3. Open the installed software
  4. And now search for “UC Browser”
  5. The App will be installed and short cut icon will be created on Desktop
  6. Open UC Browser on PC and start browsing the Internet.
  7. Wasn’t it easy? Enjoy!

Below I have given method no. 2 :

We have given out link which you can use to get the software in your computer.

  • Download UC Browser for PC  (Please share this article on Facebook, Google Plus)

The main problem associated with this computer version app is that it is available in the mobile interface. This app’s interface is just like the one you have been used in your mobile phones.

The other problem is of the language. UC Browser for PC or  Computer is available in Chinese language only. So there will be slight problem in getting understand the options available there.

The major advantage of having UC browser for PC is that it works quite effectively even in slow network connections.

uc browser download

Features of UC Browser for PC :

  • UC Browser for PC runs with Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, etc
  • Browsing speed will increase by 80%.
  • You will Get better experience while browsing this software.
  • Downloading speed is as good as in Mobile phones.
  • No need to install it on your system
  • Just click and it will start
  • Consumes very less memory and internet connection
  • Available as .exe file
  • No need to download any emulator for now
  • Supports Flash

As mentioned above also, this mobile app is only available in Chinese language and if you want only English version then check out this video which will help you to get English Version UC browser for PC which is really great, we will come with full tutorial with in few days, so please stay tuned till that time.

So folks, please do share your views and if you have any problem or want to share your own views then please do comment and we will get to you soon about UC Browser for PC.

Best alternatives for Temple Run Game

Here are some of the best temple run like games and they are some of the site alternatives to Temple Run Game which you might have played in your android phones, I always liked playing this game into my tablet but after so much time I got bored with it and so I found some of the best games available in the market.

These game are not exactly the same as this but they little bit different concept and they are basically runner game and loved by many people around as best alternative to Temple Run.

temple run alternative

Temple Run Alternative (Best Games like Temple Run)

In Temple run you have to save your life. You have to collect coins and power-ups The new concept in Temple run 2 is “save me”. If you have taken the gems then you can use this feature.

For making high scores you have to unlock all the features but for that you should have large number of coins. So the running for the life concept is adopted by many game developers. Lets see the list of Temple run like games.

Bad Piggies

At first you have to make vehicles by using Umbrella, box etc. The pigs will use these Vehicles for a ride. Pigs have to avoid the crash with various obstacles, and safely reached to the destination.

Bad Piggies is a game developed by the creators of Angry birds and this game is much difficult than Angry birds. So enjoy playing Bad Piggies.

Subway Surfers | Temple run like Games

Subway surfers is the most exciting game. It is same as Temple run but instead of using tilting you have to use your fingers for moving left and right also. In this a boy saves himself from a traffic police officer, as he has broken some rules. You have to collect coins and powerups.

By using coins you can unlock all the features. You can play subway surfers on your pc also.

Agent Dash

In this game an under cover agent runs. You will have to collect diamonds. By using diamonds you can by new gadgets and new characters. The agent can destroy the obstacles by pistols. The agent have to avoid the crashing with all the obstacles.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any problem or want to share your own views about this please do comments.

Hungry Shark Evolution for PC Download Windows 7/8/XP

This guide is all about how to download Hungry Shark Evolution for PC or Computer which is easily available on Windows 7, Windows 8 without any issue or problem.

Games which had won Editor’s Choice badge on the Google play store are simply superb and if you wish to play only high quality game then this is one way to find such games easily on the Google play store for your compatible Android device.

Future Games of London developer had already published its game named Hungry Shark Evolution which is very popular among Android users and you can also play the same on your computer in case if your Android device isn’t compatible with it. Here I’ll be sharing a complete guide on how to download Hungry Shark Evolution for PC so that you can learn how you can play it on computer for free.

You can find this game on Google play store under Arcade category and believe me this game is going to offer an awesome and unique game playing experience which you haven’t had anywhere else till now. I’ll first share the installation of this game right away with you and later share information about this game so that you can know what its all about.

hungry shark evolution for pc

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for PC – Windows 7/8/XP :

In order to begin with the installation of this game right on your computer and finish of this thing you need to follow the steps I already shared in a guide. You need to take help of BlueStacks software which is available for free on its official website and also it’s a genuine software overall which is used by millions of users from all around the world.

To finish off things from your side, follow my guide on how to download BlueStacks for PC and how you can use it to install any Android game including Hungry Shark Evolution on PC.

I hope you’re heading towards the guide. I had shared complete detailed information over there so please help yourself. Till game installation gets completed you can go through about section mentioned down here to know what this game all about.

About Hungry Shark Evolution for PC game :

The game is available for free to play while you can buy certain things to help yourself from the store in-built within. So initially it’s a free game and you can get most of the experience at no cost.

Hungry Shark Evolution for Computer

The graphics performance is ground breaking simply. You’re going to find it jaw dropping since developers had developed a real looking sea world which is going to provide you a feel that you’re right now beneath the water itself.

Sound effects and the overall animation around the game match together exactly and offer perfect sea life experience which you’re definitely going to get addicted with.

There are six different sharks in the game which you can explore one by one and as soon as you move forward shark will increase in size. Your main task is to make shark eat sea animals and different foods including human beings to keep her alive and search for hidden treasures beneath the sea. Good luck!