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What are the benefits of Whatsapp for PC

With the release of whatsapp for pc  you now have the ability to speak with friends across a variety of different chat platforms. With the whatsapp for pc application you can make the most of your personal and professional relationships. There are many important reasons why you should download whatsapp for PC but we will go over the primary benefits.

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Why Should I Install Whatsapp For PC ?

After you download whatsapp for pc you can speak with everyone while using just one chat program, this is very convenient for a host of reasons but the primary one is to save resources on your computer. Without the Whatsapp for PC download you would need to install a chat client for Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL and a host of other chat programs. When you have multiple chat programs running at the same time you will encounter a situation where your computer slows down. Another reason why you should get the whatsapp for PC free download is to save money on text messaging. Prior to chat programs like Whatsapp you would need to use your cellphone to send out text messages which can get pretty expensive in no time at all.  Whatsapp is completely free to download so you have nothing to worry about.

Whatsapp for pc

Is Whatsapp For PC Secure ?

The short answer is yes, there are over 300 million people who use Whatsapp for PC each and every day and that number is constantly rising. While this software is very user friendly you do not need to worry about security gaps just remember to keep your personal information like credit cards away from all chat programs.   After you download Whatsapp for PC you will see a screen like the one below.

As you can see all of the top chat programs are supported with this application so you should get the Whatsapp for PC free download right away. There are some people who wonder why this company would be giving away free software to the public, they earn money by offering premium services but all of your favorite features like talking, sending and receiving pictures are completely free. Now that you know all of the benefits associated with Whatsapp for PC download you need to get it now and start using it, tell your friends about it so they can benefit from it.

Everything About Whatsapp APK to know

If you are running an Android phone then you need to install Whatsapp APK as soon as possible. The reason you need to get Whatsapp APK is to have the ability to send and receive unlimited text messages for free, yes that is not a typo FREE TEXT messaging.

Whatsapp APK will also provide you with a telephone number so your friends online and offline can call you any time of the day they want, again this is a service built in to Whatsapp APK

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Wow Whatsapp APK Sounds Really Awesome, So What’s The Catch ?

Something that makes Whatsapp APK unique is unlike the other messenger programs which only let a person talk to other individuals online with this application you have the ability to communicate with anyone via phone, instant message or video conference.

The first year of service with Whatsapp APK is free for the first year and then it costs a mind boggling $0.99 for year, so for 365 days you get all of these features for a mere $0.99 and there are no cumbersome advertisements that distract you and are very annoying.WhatsApp-apk

Are There Any Serious Drawbacks To Using Whatsapp APK ?

You should get an unlimited Internet broadband plan for your Android phone otherwise the data usage fees can really add up.

With Whatsapp APK it relies on the Internet to send and receive text messages, phone calls and all other forms of communication so you need to make sure you have the fastest Internet connection along with an unlimited plan.

Now you might be thinking that Whatsapp may not last long but if you look at the current number of people who are using the software which is over 300 million people and growing daily I think it would be fair to say that Whatsapp APK is here to stay.

What you need to do is download Whatsapp APK for your Android phone so click here and you can get the direct download.  With all of the money you are going to be saving from text messaging you can buy a brand new smartphone so get Whatsapp APK right now.

Exclusive Garena Plus Review

If you love playing online games and chatting with friends then Garena Plus may be the best application for you. With this software you do not have to have your Facebook chat and MSN Hotmail chat clients open since Garena Plus lets you communicate with everyone over this platform.

Features Associated With Garena Plus

You have the ability to conduct voice calls over the Garena Plus client with the single click of a button and you can even host group calls with all of your friends at the same time.

Another feature with Garena Plus having the ability to take screenshots with the single click of a button and sharing the file with your friends online. This is very helpful when you are playing an online game and trying to send information to your friends in real time so they can react accordingly.

Garena Plus

Are There Any Limitations With Garena Plus ?

The only limitation with the Garena Plus is you must be running Windows operating system but aside from that the software is completely free. You will need to get the latest Garena Plus download and you can get it by simply clicking here.

After you install Garena Plus on your computer you are going to have a tremendous amount of fun chatting with your friends while playing all of your favorite online games, install Garena Plus now and learn what millions of online game players already know when it comes to online chat you simply cannot beat the reliability and ease of use associated with Garena Plus.

Best Antivirus for Android Smartphone 2015

Choosing the Best Antivirus for Android phones  is essential as we all know Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones these days. Security should be the major concern of mobile users.

For security purpose we are providing the list of top 5 free and Best Antivirus for Android phones. In Google Play Store there are many android apps. And these all applications are just fantastic and will do good job because its it will keep your smartphone safe from online scams and many other things

All these app have basic feature of removing all the virus and other spam things from your smartphone but some of them have extra features which you might need on your part while some has its own other functions. Keeping all these things in mind I have prepared this list.

best antivirus for android

Below are Top 5 Best Antivirus for Android Phones

You can download the best antivirus from Google Play, we will provide the link. All 5 Android Antivirus are best, you choose the best one for you from them.

1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is the best antivirus for android. It provides several features like virus scanner, privacy advisor, shield control, application management, sms and call filter, firewall, anti theft and Network Meter. You can protect the antivirus with PIN protection from the setting option. It saves battery as it works only when performs some tasks. Protect your android device from network traffic problems.

2. Norton Security


Norton Security Antivirus protects your android device from viruses and malwares. It has one great feature that if your smartphone has been stolen or lost then it remotely locates the location of your android device.

3. Lookout Security

Lookout protects your phone from all the bad happenings like losing the data and keeps the viruses far away. It has many features, most of them are free. For two weeks you can enjoy the full functionality of Lookout Security. It saves your account details, and protects your privacy. The features are “Security and Antivirus, backup and restore, find my phone”.

4. NQ Mobile Security – Best Antivirus Android


It saves your phone from viruses, spyware, phone hacking. There are certain features like anti-harassment, system optimization, data backup, phone locator, privacy protection. It allows safe browsing and safe downloading.

5. Kaspersky Android Antivirus :

Kapersky is an antivirus with a brand name, and several excellent features. It saves your android device from viruses, phishing sites, threats, malwares, and spammers. The features are automatic scanning of apps, works on real time. Device admin feature is really good as it protects this app from unauthorized un-installation.

I hope you liked this list of best Android Antivirus and if you have any other app then please do share it with us as it will help our readers to know more about such things. Thanks for reading our articles on the best Antivirus for Android phones and stay tuned with us to get more future updates on many things we post daily.

Kik Messenger for Android Download (Official Links)

Kik Messenger is the best app available in the Google play at free of cost. It is best in many aspects as we can say it is a fast messaging app than other. It makes it easy and fun to send fast messages to your friends. It connects you with Instagram and Viddy.

It has certain new features like having notifications of Read, sent, delivered etc. So now it’s easy to find out the situation of your Messages.

With the help of Kik Messenger you will easily be able to chat with your friends, family members and other folks. You just need to download the app into your mobile phone and register it, also the partner must have installed the application and now you will be able to chat and do free messaging instantly for free.

kik messenger android

Download Kik Messenger (Official Links) :

Here I am providing you the official download links which is given here, this download link to KIK Messenger is from Google Play Store which you can easily download.

Kik Messenger official link

Kik Messenger for Android ::

As we mentioned earlier Kik Messenger for Android is a fast messaging app.

  • You can use it simply.
  • The main feature of this messaging app Kik Messenger for android is that it connects us with Instagram and several other social media sites.
  • The notifications like read, sent, delivered now the feature of this app.
  • It allows you to share funny videos and sketches with your friends.
  • Instead of showing your number to other parties it will show your username.


So folks, I hope you enjoyed this post and you must have started doing text messaging with your buddies, my request is just that please do share your views and comments with us and we will feel very much happy considering your appreciation. Also share this post using Facebook.

Hike Messenger for PC Download, Android, Symbian, iPhone

This is very new messaging app available in market namely Hike Messenger which in very short time has gathered the attention of millions of people from India as well as all over the world. Today, we are going to post about Free Download Hike Messenger for Android, Symbian, Nokia, iPhone, etc with the help of which you will be able to enjoy free texts with your friends.

Also, Hike Messenger has proved to be the successful clone or alternative of WhatsApp which has gathered the attention of people all over the world via its features, the most important thing here to note is that one can send free SMS using this app to those users who haven’t yet installed the same app.

So what you are waiting for Download Hike Messenger for your desired mobile phone like Android, iPhone, Symbian, Nokia, etc.

hike messenger

One another nice thing is that, if you are Nokia S40 mobile user then also unlike other messaging apps, you will be able to use it without any further issues, its very much simple. Now, it time to head along and here are the Free Download Links of Hike Messenger for Android and other mobile phones.

Free Download Hike Messenger for Android, iPhone, Nokia, etc

We have given out download link with the help of which you will be able to download Hike Messenger instantly, just have a look below.

Now, you can download the app form the above given download links for respective mobile operating system, I have also given link to official website if you think that your mobile phone must have this application and if its not listed here then you can surely go ahead to there website.

Hike Messenger Features :

Here are some of the best features of this application which you might love to know. This app ranges from status updating to free messaging and much more, we have given detailed research here.

Status Updates : As the name itself indicates, you can easily update your status without any problem same as Facebook, WhatsApp and so.

Moods : This is the another name of emoticons, I must say they have varieties of moods to send your friends and those are very much simple and sweet to use.

hike messenger android

Create Circles of Friend : Hike Messenger don’t only allow there users to chat with one another, but now you will be able to chat with groups of people easily without any problem, this is what Friend Circle is meant for.

Updates : As you update your status, you will also get notifications when any of your friends updates there status, this app will notify you.

How to Install & Use Hike Messenger on your Mobile?

Well, there is no extra technical procedure for installing Hike Messenger on to your phone but this process is still different for various mobiles. Simply, download the app from the above download links and let the process go and it will automatically be installed.

Now, you must be wondering how you use this App on your mobile phone, then we have given out very much simple steps after you download Hike Messenger on Android, iPhone, Symbian, etc

  1. Download from the download links above.
  2. It will automatically be installed
  3. You have you give your mobile number
  4. Now, you must fill up all the details
  5. After that you will receive one code on the registered mobile number
  6. You must enter it.
  7. Your messaging is started, enjoy!

how to use hike

Hike Messenger v/s WhatsApp

Now, many people here want to know which application is better, Hike Messenger or WhatsApp? Then my simple suggestion would be WhatsApp has its own benefits and our app has its own, but I must say Hike App has taken over all the features which is there in their competitor and have also provided some more features and functions available in the Indian Market for you guys.

How to use Hike Messenger on PC?

Some of you people might not get time to use Hike Messenger from your mobile phone and so they need this application for Computer, so worries, just install any Android emulator for your PC and use this application easily into your PC also and enjoy sending free SMS directly without any problem.

Also, the Hike Messenger releases time to time rewards for there users, if you hold on tight you will be able to enjoy free recharges and many other things.

Supports :

If you are facing any major issue while using this application then you don’t have to worry a bit as they have given a support forum where you need to ask your any desired problem and you will get available solution from other members, here is the support forum link

Friends, I hope you enjoyed Downloading Hike Messenger and if you have any type of issues the don’t feel sky contacting me via comments and consider sharing your comments with us!

Also, we will try to give our best by updating you with the latest things going on here so stay tuned here for getting latest news and updates available. Happy Messaging!

Xender for PC Download on Windows 7/8/XP Computer

Hello people, Now I am going to share download Xender for PC guide together with all of you and this can be really straightforward tutorial that will tell you about tips on how to quickly get Xender download on Computer or PC.

We are really thankful to Xender for PC Download for this amazing guide.

The Xender app can be found for free on Google play Store for Android devices in order to download and install it in your smartphone right from that point. The app has become quite popular day by day and user want to put it to use on their PC additionally, so I am likely to share the best way to download Xender for PC, tutorial to help you appreciate this wonderful app on display that is big. Also this guide.

Xender for PC

To have problem free installment of Xender on PC, upgrade images drivers of your pc machine with its latest variant as well as link it with operating internet connection that is quick.

Android link : Google Play Store

Guide to Download Xender on PC :

After finishing these conditions that are easy it is possible to carry on for measures that are specified:

  • Download Bluestacks app player in your pc from its official website which is available free over there for MAC OS and all Windows operating system.
  • By double click on its executive file, install the program after the initial step by following the onscreen guidelines.
  • Run Bluestacks and then login with your Google account to get Google Play Store also to have all of the attributes.
  • Xender Android app together with the aid of search software find out.
    When you start to see the process to be completed by the app in search results click on the install button out of your side.
  • That is to all get Xender for PC Download. I am hoping you will not discover any difficulty now and in preceding procedure I am going to tell you significant characteristics of the app so please have a look.

I think you really enjoyed this amazing guide on downloading Xender for PC or Computer and please keep on visiting this website so that you will learn to download Xender on Computer App without any problem or issue. Thanks this is really amazing post.

With the issue being really nice and great the amazing this about Xender is that this app is the first ever technology which is made to share files instantly.

Hungry Shark Evolution for PC Download Windows 7/8/XP

This guide is all about how to download Hungry Shark Evolution for PC or Computer which is easily available on Windows 7, Windows 8 without any issue or problem.

Games which had won Editor’s Choice badge on the Google play store are simply superb and if you wish to play only high quality game then this is one way to find such games easily on the Google play store for your compatible Android device.

Future Games of London developer had already published its game named Hungry Shark Evolution which is very popular among Android users and you can also play the same on your computer in case if your Android device isn’t compatible with it. Here I’ll be sharing a complete guide on how to download Hungry Shark Evolution for PC so that you can learn how you can play it on computer for free.

You can find this game on Google play store under Arcade category and believe me this game is going to offer an awesome and unique game playing experience which you haven’t had anywhere else till now. I’ll first share the installation of this game right away with you and later share information about this game so that you can know what its all about.

hungry shark evolution for pc

Download Hungry Shark Evolution for PC – Windows 7/8/XP :

In order to begin with the installation of this game right on your computer and finish of this thing you need to follow the steps I already shared in a guide. You need to take help of BlueStacks software which is available for free on its official website and also it’s a genuine software overall which is used by millions of users from all around the world.

To finish off things from your side, follow my guide on how to download BlueStacks for PC and how you can use it to install any Android game including Hungry Shark Evolution on PC.

I hope you’re heading towards the guide. I had shared complete detailed information over there so please help yourself. Till game installation gets completed you can go through about section mentioned down here to know what this game all about.

About Hungry Shark Evolution for PC game :

The game is available for free to play while you can buy certain things to help yourself from the store in-built within. So initially it’s a free game and you can get most of the experience at no cost.

Hungry Shark Evolution for Computer

The graphics performance is ground breaking simply. You’re going to find it jaw dropping since developers had developed a real looking sea world which is going to provide you a feel that you’re right now beneath the water itself.

Sound effects and the overall animation around the game match together exactly and offer perfect sea life experience which you’re definitely going to get addicted with.

There are six different sharks in the game which you can explore one by one and as soon as you move forward shark will increase in size. Your main task is to make shark eat sea animals and different foods including human beings to keep her alive and search for hidden treasures beneath the sea. Good luck!