Best Antivirus for Android Smartphone 2015

Choosing the Best Antivirus for Android phones  is essential as we all know Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones these days. Security should be the major concern of mobile users.

For security purpose we are providing the list of top 5 free and Best Antivirus for Android phones. In Google Play Store there are many android apps. And these all applications are just fantastic and will do good job because its it will keep your smartphone safe from online scams and many other things

All these app have basic feature of removing all the virus and other spam things from your smartphone but some of them have extra features which you might need on your part while some has its own other functions. Keeping all these things in mind I have prepared this list.

best antivirus for android

Below are Top 5 Best Antivirus for Android Phones

You can download the best antivirus from Google Play, we will provide the link. All 5 Android Antivirus are best, you choose the best one for you from them.

1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is the best antivirus for android. It provides several features like virus scanner, privacy advisor, shield control, application management, sms and call filter, firewall, anti theft and Network Meter. You can protect the antivirus with PIN protection from the setting option. It saves battery as it works only when performs some tasks. Protect your android device from network traffic problems.

2. Norton Security


Norton Security Antivirus protects your android device from viruses and malwares. It has one great feature that if your smartphone has been stolen or lost then it remotely locates the location of your android device.

3. Lookout Security

Lookout protects your phone from all the bad happenings like losing the data and keeps the viruses far away. It has many features, most of them are free. For two weeks you can enjoy the full functionality of Lookout Security. It saves your account details, and protects your privacy. The features are “Security and Antivirus, backup and restore, find my phone”.

4. NQ Mobile Security – Best Antivirus Android


It saves your phone from viruses, spyware, phone hacking. There are certain features like anti-harassment, system optimization, data backup, phone locator, privacy protection. It allows safe browsing and safe downloading.

5. Kaspersky Android Antivirus :

Kapersky is an antivirus with a brand name, and several excellent features. It saves your android device from viruses, phishing sites, threats, malwares, and spammers. The features are automatic scanning of apps, works on real time. Device admin feature is really good as it protects this app from unauthorized un-installation.

I hope you liked this list of best Android Antivirus and if you have any other app then please do share it with us as it will help our readers to know more about such things. Thanks for reading our articles on the best Antivirus for Android phones and stay tuned with us to get more future updates on many things we post daily.