Best alternatives for Temple Run Game

Here are some of the best temple run like games and they are some of the site alternatives to Temple Run Game which you might have played in your android phones, I always liked playing this game into my tablet but after so much time I got bored with it and so I found some of the best games available in the market.

These game are not exactly the same as this but they little bit different concept and they are basically runner game and loved by many people around as best alternative to Temple Run.

temple run alternative

Temple Run Alternative (Best Games like Temple Run)

In Temple run you have to save your life. You have to collect coins and power-ups The new concept in Temple run 2 is “save me”. If you have taken the gems then you can use this feature.

For making high scores you have to unlock all the features but for that you should have large number of coins. So the running for the life concept is adopted by many game developers. Lets see the list of Temple run like games.

Bad Piggies

At first you have to make vehicles by using Umbrella, box etc. The pigs will use these Vehicles for a ride. Pigs have to avoid the crash with various obstacles, and safely reached to the destination.

Bad Piggies is a game developed by the creators of Angry birds and this game is much difficult than Angry birds. So enjoy playing Bad Piggies.

Subway Surfers | Temple run like Games

Subway surfers is the most exciting game. It is same as Temple run but instead of using tilting you have to use your fingers for moving left and right also. In this a boy saves himself from a traffic police officer, as he has broken some rules. You have to collect coins and powerups.

By using coins you can unlock all the features. You can play subway surfers on your pc also.

Agent Dash

In this game an under cover agent runs. You will have to collect diamonds. By using diamonds you can by new gadgets and new characters. The agent can destroy the obstacles by pistols. The agent have to avoid the crashing with all the obstacles.

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